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The wood and paper we use is FSC certified, which guarantees sustainable exploitation.

Our toys have no gender. They are not toys for a girl or a boy. They are toys to play with.

Some of our producers are companies that give continuity to centuries-old professions and native crafts.

Allocate part of our profits to solidarity causes. This information is periodically updated on our website.

All our packaging is made with recycled and recyclable material.

We collaborate and trust companies in the social sector, which integrate people with mental and physical disabilities.

All our production is carried out in the province of Barcelona. Producing locally means minimizing the carbon footprint and a fairer distribution of the economy.

Our products do not require batteries or any other type of electronic mechanism, they stimulate spontaneous, open-air, manipulative and socializing play.

All of our toys comply with the regulations specified by the European Union on toy safety, both with regard to the physical, mechanical and chemical parts.

All the paints we use have the ECOLABEL label.

We have eliminated the use of plastic in our packaging.