Our laboratory is the place where everything happens. Here, ideas, emotions, experiences and rigorousness are combined in search of the perfect formula for our products.

If you look closely, you will see that at the base of our formula is the condition of being able to share experiences. It doesn’t matter if we do it playing, explaining a story or spending some time crafting together. The time and experience we share is a noble and precious material with which international markets can never trade.

Playing is one of our main ingredients, as it contains therapeutic active ingredients capable of stimulating super powers. Creativity, sociability, perseverance, and happiness are some of them, although the list is infinite. But what is really revealing is that these active ingredients are found to be very concentrated in the age-old toys and games that we call timeless. So, let’s rescue them! And so that they can shine in all their splendor, we’ve done a small visual and ethical restyling, creating a new interpretation of toys and games without gender. We invite you to visit our store to see how wonderful they are.

Finally, we ask you not to leave our laboratory without paying attention to the production phase. We believe in a more sustainable and fair present and future, which is why we produce locally, with producers that can certify an ecological source, as in the case of wood, or the use of natural, non-contaminating ingredients, such as those used in our paints. On the other hand, we collaborate with intermediary companies in the social sector, contributing our grain of sand to the creation of job opportunities for all.